Join The Spirit
on 01/31/2014

What is “Find me if you can: a visual matching contest”?

This contest focuses on human re identification in images. Its main goal is to seek for innovative and efficient algorithmic approaches solving the following problem: “Given two pictures each showing a person, can you tell me whether it is the same person or not?”

The contest consists of two distinct phases enabling you to reach this objective and to propose a consistent solution from end to end.

During the first phase – from March 1 to June 30, 2013 – contestants will have to take a number of pictures following minimal guidelines ensuring cross-team consistency and evaluation, and develop an algorithmic module in parallel that ensures automatic detection of persons in images.

To validate Phase 1, participants must upload the collection of pictures and their original source code on the “Join the Spirit” server. The 20 top-ranked teams will be approved for the contest’s Phase 2 and awarded from our sponsor Parrot by the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 remote-control quadrocopter.

In Phase 2 – conducted from September 2013 to April 30, 2014 – contestants will download an image database of persons (vignettes) with associated ground-truth (i.e. images will be tagged, and the tags will be unique for a unique physical person), which will be used to develop a person-matching algorithmic module.

Submissions will be ranked based on a weighted score, taking into account both the performance of the matching algorithm and its computation time. At end of Phase 2, the team ranked no. 1 on the leaderboard will declared the winner, earning a VIP-invitation to Astrium space facilities in French Guiana at the occasion of an Ariane 5 launch!

A forum has been set up for the entire duration of this contest, and all participants are encouraged to utilize it as a resource!

Important dates:

The contest opens March 1, 2013 and finishes June 30, 2013 at midnight (GMT).  The mid-course decision is to occur on April 30, 2014.

Winner teams of Phase 1 will be informed by e-mail at the latest July 22th, 2014.

Who can take part?

Every graduate or PhD engineering student enrolled in a university, with no limitation of age or countries.

How to register?

There are two ways to register:

With a Facebook, Google and Twitter account:
- Click on the account you want to login, 
- Accept the application “Join the Spirit”, 
- Then click on "Join the Challenge" and follow the instructions.

With “External Login”:
- Complete the form, 
- Validate your registration via the email you will receive, 
- Then choose the “Find Me If You Can” Competition,
- Click on “Join the Challenge” and you are ready to participate.


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